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Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) in Chicago, IL

The profile and alignment of your nose have a profound effect on the balance and symmetry of your face. Your nose is, quite literally, the centerpiece of your face. Making adjustments to the shape of your nose can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on the appearance of the rest of your face. Just look at the before-and-after images in our photo gallery to see the kind of results rhinoplasty nose surgery can achieve. 

We perform rhinoplasty as an outpatient procedure in the comfort of our Joint Commission-accredited in-office surgical suite. After anesthesia has been administered, your plastic surgeon separates the skin of your nose from the supporting structure of bone and cartilage beneath it. He then sculpts this structure into the shape that you and he agreed upon in your consultation. Your surgeon then drapes the skin back over your new nose and applies a splint to help your nose maintain its new shape. Usually, the whole surgery takes no more than an hour or two. 
Contact our Chicago cosmetic surgery office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Irvin Wiesman will take the time necessary to talk with his patients and learn their vision for a cosmetic procedure. Then, he will make their vision a reality.