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Cosmetic Fillers in Chicago and Highland Park

Cosmetic Fillers


As each year passes, the fat, elastin, and collagen that once plumped your skin begins to break down. The youthful look of baby-smooth skin then gives way to fine lines and wrinkles, causing an outward appearance that often doesn’t match your age, inside or out. If the mirror is no longer your friend, it might be time to soften the signs of aging with cosmetic fillers.

Injected directly into problem areas, cosmetic fillers are a great non-surgical choice to achieve a younger look. Not just for wrinkles, cosmetic fillers can reduce the gaunt appearance of cheeks, create fuller lips, and even mask dark circles under the eyes by reducing shadows and puffiness. Our plastic surgeons offer multiple options, including:


Wiesman Institute has the new FDA-approved cosmetic filler Belotero.

Neck Lines

Are the lines and wrinkles in your neck aging you?  Belotero is the perfect filler for this area because it can be injected superficially – just under the skin.  Check out the video from “The Doctors” show and see how easy and painless it is to eliminate those horizontal neck lines so you can put those turtlenecks away!



Finally, a solution for those deep undereye circles that make you look so tired!  Belotero is unique because it does not cause a bluish hue – so it is perfect for the eye area.   

Our doctors are using Belotero, a new, lightweight hyaluronic cosmetic filler that fills in the hollows without puffiness or bumps that have occurred with other products.  


This “no-lump effect” filler is ideal for enhancing your lips and giving you a more sultry, youthful appearance.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Another new product, Sculptra yields results that can last for up to two years. With three treatments over a period of a few months, patients will see a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles. Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid to replace lost collagen, yielding results that look natural and will help you boost your confidence.

During your consultation, you will learn how cosmetic fillers can help you reverse the signs of aging - so you can look younger, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Contact our Chicago cosmetic surgery office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Irvin Wiesman takes the time necessary to talk with his patients and learn their vision for a cosmetic procedure. Then, he makes their vision a reality!