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Buttock Augmentation in Chicago and Highland Park

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation (or Gluteal Augmentation) is a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance or reshape your buttock, add to an already well-formed buttock, or create a more youthful, lifted appearance in an individual with a flattened, droopy behind. There are two primary ways to perform a gluteal augmentation:

1. An implant that can be placed in different locations around the muscle.

2. The Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure utilizes fat transfer (using your own body fat to augment your behind). With the Brazilian Butt Lift, you get the benefits of liposuction as well as buttock augmentation. Your body’s natural fat is removed from areas where it is unwanted (such as the back, tummy, and thighs) and transferred to the buttocks. This procedure is one of the most natural ways to achieve a rounder butt and the hourglass shape that so many women desire.

Buttock Implants in Chicago, IL & Highland Park, IL

Implants can be used to promote a fuller, more desirable buttock shape, allowing patients to feel confident and comfortable in jeans, slacks, dresses, shorts, and swimwear. While we encourage patients to build their gluteal muscles as much as possible with exercise, we understand that many men and women simply do not gain muscle easily. In cases of flat or sagging behinds, implants can help to achieve larger, more proportionate buttocks. For injuries or growth defects, implants can be used to encourage a natural and healthy shape.

Buttock implants are available in a variety of sizes to suit different body types. They are typically made with silicone elastomer, a soft solid material that feels natural and cannot leak. The incision made during a buttock implant augmentation is located along a natural crease, so there is no visible scar following the procedure. Sometimes, liposuction may be recommended in conjunction with buttock implants in order to achieve optimal results. Ask Dr. Wiesman about how buttock implants can give you the curvier, sexier contours you’ve always wanted.

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